Thursday, August 27, 2015

That little thing called "more" almost put me again in the endless treadmill of working and spending. Today, I almost bought a stand up freezer because HEB has a sale every week on meats that is just unbelievably cheap.  I thought I was going to buy all the meat I can on sale days and stock it up in my freezer. Well, not today.
Seven weeks ago, The Redneck got the offer to work here in the Permian basin. At the time, we took anything to make a living; we cleaned this man's house who was a retired CEO of one of the big companies in Dallas. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the job, but who would fill a 5000 square foot house with junks from the Dollar Tree? The only thing of value in that house was the two S-class Mercedes Benz in the garage. Then we accepted a painting job on a house. After 3 days of coming home and scrubbing off paints on my arms and hair, I thought I should just invest in a blond wig and a toy gun and rob the first convenience store I could find.  Namaste!

Then Redneck's previous employer called: Go with your wife and check out West Texas, and see if you both would like to move there. I will pay for your move. In the oil and gas environment? But, the place is dead. No, they're still pumping. A few anyway. Ok, we'll take the job.  So here we are.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I can live without figs. I don't even care to eat figs. But a biochemical reaction occurs in my body as I imagine them ripening on the tree. I have no explanation so don't ask why.